28 October, 2008

Change of Weather

Okay, we recently moved to Florida from Ohio, as most of you know. Today, we awoke to low temps, in the 60's. The entire family was overjoyed to put on long pants and turn off the AC! Fall it is finally here! I am not certain how long this will last, but we are loving every bit of this brisk weather.

An observation hit me today. My boys have their internal rhythms set to a 4 season cycle. It was important to me to teach the boys about the seasons and living presently in each and every one of them. Today I realized they got it. It is alive and well within their being. My boys have been yearning for fall and warm clothes the past month. Their internal rhythms are programmed and telling their body what it needs. Interesting to observe this and see it for what it is. Soon they will be longing for snow. Cooler weather Florida will provide, snow, well that is a long shot!

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