29 October, 2008

Tears of Hope and Promise

I just finished watching Obama's special TV event. As I was sitting there, watching and praying for positive change, I started to tear up. He was speaking to me, letting me know that he hears how I want the best education for my boys, how I struggle with buying milk and how my husband works hard, 14 hours a day hard on his feet hard and barely makes enough money to keep us surviving.

I want change, I want honesty and I want a good quality of life. This is America and this is the promise of this great land. Why have so many people been left out of the good life?

Yes I cried silently as my eyes filled with tears. I pray we have a real chance going forward. It is too scary a world to raise children and provide for them they way they deserve. I want better for my boys. We should all want better.

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