17 October, 2008


Another wonderful post regarding McCain's inability to truly support women, families and their needs: Life and Health Care.

I want to add this little bit...

I have been in a situation where I made a choice regarding one of my own pregnancies. I made my choice and found that if I didn't make that choice, I would have gotten severely ill. It was only after my choice did the doctor find an awful infection that set in. Now maybe given a couple of weeks, the situation would have naturally worked itself out, or quite possibly I may have gotten sicker. But the reality is, we live in a country with choice. Was I happy/relieved to make this choice? NO! It was horrible to sit there and contemplate all of what was swirling around me. But I had a choice. And I still think about that choice and the fact that it helped to prevent me from serious sickness.

My great grandmother would talk about hangers. I grew up not understanding what she meant, until years later. This was what she and her sisters did in Italy. They didn't have the funds to care for these new babies. They also did not ask for this child, but were forced to "perform their matronly duties". Because we live in a country that allows for choice, thankfully women are not driven to chop houses or dare I say HANGERS anymore!

Choice, health, personal relationship with a universal maker is the bottom line. There will be a day of reckoning and that day from some power greater than us, will we figure it all out.

Should we also outlaw the day after pill? Birth control? Hey let's outlaw premarital sex... and while we are at it, let's put in jail all of those men who want to perform their marital rite and their wife does not. I mean seriously, when do we draw the line?

Then of course there is the point that I also fall back on... let's save the unborn, but sacrifice our young adults instead in a way that funds our energy consumption and has padded the wallets of large oil companies.

What does Jesus say? If you are without sin, then cast the first stone.....
I don't remember the line, judge others and make decisions for those who have to face their own consequences.

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