19 October, 2008

Another Endorsement, Make your Vote Count

Well it seems that Barrack Obama is starting to collect endorsements. I awoke this morning to General Collin Powell's announcement. I was thrilled to see a Republican making the right choice! I also liked what he had to say regarding his disappointment with his political party.

Some of you know I was a registered voter 5 years ago. My grandfather was a "small town" Mayor most of my growing years and I was surrounded by politics. I heard all the nastiness of it all and figured it was a stupid thing to be involved with. When I entered College, I actually ran for Student Government and finished out my last 2 years, serving as President. I looked at it more as a social, business minded thing to do and I was good at it. I enjoyed what doors were open to me and I took advantage of each and every experience.

Later I served this country as a VISTA member, the domestic side of the PEACE Corps. The experiences brought me closer and closer to politics, but I still was not registered. I just didn't think it was something for me to do. But there was another reason... if you are going to cast a vote, it should be done with an educated purpose. If I wasn't educated on the issues, then I shouldn't vote. I think this way.

But the time came when I felt I needed to make a choice. I registered and started to make my opinions heard. This past election cycle, I have really grasped this idea of learning the issues and taking the positions of a party. I realize that my vibrations strongly link to one party. This election has helped me grow as an American. I thank Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama for this growth. I also have to give some kudos to Biden, I like his story and he reminds me of my great mentor, Dave Dammann. It is was up to my mentor, I think I would be serving this country in one form or another, destined for the Hill. But alas, I needed to get out of government, as it took too much energy out of me at a time when I wanted to start my family.

Having said this, I also believe our dollar is an excellent way to vote EVERY DAY! With each purchase, we tell the markets what we want. This is important if we are every to create an energy independent nation, that nourishes our citizens with REAL food, clothes our residents with materials that are sustainable and not toxic and helps restore this bountiful country with care, gentleness and consideration for the other.

Vote in November and vote every day with your dollar. It is the best way to effect change and make your statement. Now more than ever, the dollar is powerful and we must spend it wisely!

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