23 October, 2008

I had a great day!

Late last night when hubbie came home, he went into the boys' room for his kisses. The little guy V, woke up and said "I had a great day today, daddy". That was really nice to hear, knowing I was the one who made that day great. We did our school work, we had our yummy lunch, we enjoyed music making, we went on a bicycle ride to the park where we played and chased lizards, we went swimming in the pool, and we had yummy french toast for dinner.

What a day and glad that it made my little guy happy. He will remember that mommy made things great, in between the times she was frustrated.

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Linn said...

Isn't it nice when your boys say they had a great day? I love that. I try to tuck a happy childhood under the belt of each of my boys, too. Well done.