23 November, 2008

The List

Here is the list of projects that need attention:

Poncho for niece's birthday
Finish matting mermaid picture and put in frame
Sew L some PJ's
Learn to really knit, not just practice
Finish reading A New Earth
Get a handle on this bread recipe/routine
Create L's and V's first year photo album
Download all video's on DVD's for home movie
Shampoo carpets and upholstered furniture
Make the headboard to my bed
Send holiday cards
Finish holiday shopping and sending
Resolve the credit card crunch and get a firm plan on how to pay it off
Sew burp clothes for sister in law's new baby
Condition my leather sofa
Get up to date on the financial books for a client of mine
Get my financial books done so we may file early next year
Write down more of "my Story" sexual abuse survivor of female incest
Relearn to play clarinet for the boys to see
Teach the boys to play recorder and hand bells
Get physical and loose these darn 10-15 pounds...
Do yoga at least one a week
Remember to be mindful
Try to lower voice more....

Well you get the idea. I have a lot of things that I want to do and at times I tackle one or two of these ideas. But them something else pops up and I go in another direction. We all have these lists, but what is the key to getting them done? Is it that important that they are completed? Sometimes, it isn't the right time to complete a certain idea. It seems the idea needs to bake more... Oh well, I am learnig to live with things that are waiting for the right time and motivation combination.

Happy Day!

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