18 November, 2008

Movie Night Surprise Emotions

Usually on Fridays, I let the boys pick a movie, pop the popcorn and call it movie night! This is something we started to keep us together as a family, spend very little money and have something to do. Most of the movies we watched were from the Library and they boys really looked forward to choosing a new movie. In a blue moon, we would actually rent a movie either at blockbuster or on demand.

Last Friday was one of those times, when we rented an on demand movie. I picked, because lately, we have been having a hard time compromising on the movie. V always wants a certain movie, L is tired of watching said movie and on the freak occurrence that hubbie is home, we pushes for Star Wars and I am just not ready to let the boys watch it.

I picked to solve all of these issues and I chose, Kit Kittredge. The boys were not so thrilled until it got going and they saw boys in the movie. As we were watching this touching tale of an American Girl make her way through the Depression, I started crying at all the similarities to our life.

Many families are having a hard time making it financially. Foreclosures are at an all time high, people are losing their jobs left and right, families that once had, have nothing and we are seeing in increase in robberies etc.

Then I looked deeper....Because the father lost his job, he left for another town, in another state to look for work. Hubbie did the same thing.. he left Ohio for Boston, Mass. We were without our hubbie and daddy for almost 3 months. Once this happened, we didn't pay rent and I was hoping we wouldn't be kicked out of our home. I was warned that I couldn't stay rent free for too long... so this was a worry for me. I had my two boys and hubbie in Boston. It was awful looking back. At the time, I think I was in a state of shock, because I really didn't feel it all that much. I did what I had to do not knowing the next step.

When the father came home in the movie, he swung his little girl in the air and I looked over at hubbie knowing how he wept holding his two boys. Never in a million years did I expect to cry watching this movie. But in a way, I am glad to have had the opportunity to look back on our choices and see how it all worked out.

We are now together, with our belongings which make it feel like our life. Hubbie has a job that is very secure with a stable company. He has a promising future in a world that doesn't feel much in the way of recessions or depressions. Again, a choice we made because of the economy. We actually choose the secure job, instead of the one with the prestige and 20K bonus.

Now we only have one more thing to release so we can move forward and that is the Alpaca Business. If only there was someone who had a farm and wanted to raise Alpacas, we would be able to move on.

Times are tough and we all need to hold onto what is important. Kit Kittredge helped remind me of the important decisions hubbie and I made for our family. There is a side lesson too, in that even the least among us is important. A nice lesson to learn about treating all people with respect.

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