08 December, 2008

10M Bonus, Greed, Power, Destruction & Celebration of Light

Now I have heard of some strange compensation requests in my lifetime, being a Recruiter... but this morning it was reported a Merrill Lynch's CEO wants his 10M end of the year bonus. He's earned it right? His 750K salary is not enough to support his lifestyle/ego?

Okay, my hubbie works his ass off for the Ritz Carlton. They are a large profile company owned by Marriott Company and will he see a bonus? Absolutely not! In fact a raise is out of the question. If he is lucky the cost of living adjustment of 1.5% will be approved. This used to be 3.5%.

Seriously, reports like this kind of greed really upset me. Who do these people think they are? Not only were they part of a huge economic upset, driving thousands to unemployment, directly or indirectly, but then they whined and complained to Congress for a Bail Out, because they didn't dare take ownership for their mistakes, or better yet, have a heart and look at internal salaries to make adjustments that might help correct some of their financial woes. Now this CEO wants more?

I am tired of watching my hubbie go to work at 6am, come home at 9pm exhausted because he was on his feet all day long! Did I mention that he works all holidays, most all weekends and is not guaranteed 2 days off a week? Let me also point out, there is no overtime, no time and a half for holiday pay or double time.... All of the spoiled union workers, protected careers like teachers etc.... go work like my hubbie does and accept the mediocre salary he earns. NYC teachers make more than my hubbie does by far!

This system of economic greed and capitalism is built on power, ego and greed. I am so happy that it is crashing. As the tarot card "Tower" depicts a large structure falling in destruction, so does our economic system fall. The point of the destruction is to teach us a lesson. Don't build such high towers of power, but rebuild something closer to mother earth that will sustain our livelihoods. Out of the ashes the phoenix will rise, new life, new opportunities for all, not just the "chosen" few.

I have such a hard time understanding the behavior of those in power, the "haves" who are making the decisions. If they keep hoarding and denying equal pay, fair wages, sustainable job growth, etc... it will create a landscape much what we see now. Is this really good for any business, society?

How many people have lost their jobs to inefficient lending practices or mismanaged management strategies? These people who now are without a job, have no income to sustain their living. They will go to unemployment, which only lasts 6 months max, if granted unemployment. Of course this check is far less than what they were making. If it is not enough and gainful employment is not found, then they fall behind on their financial obligations. This puts added strain on those they owe. When these companies start to feel the strain they may hike up interest rates, ruin credit scores and they start to release their employees due to their inability to make payroll. (How about those who started this crisis? Why don't they take a 500 pt drop on their credit score?) Is there a place in heaven for those who cause strife to others....hmmm theirs is the kingdom of God?

Now with a nation of unemployed workers and no viable jobs available, all systems of economic strength fail. Don't these "haves" realize their companies will also fail? Their income will also diminish? It only takes one cancer cell to take effect; given the right set of circumstances. One bad apple starts to rot the whole bunch. We are all weakened, not just those at the "bottom". Granted there are those who don't want to work, who are not capable of maintaining a job, or who would rather wander here and there. But the majority has fallen to the bottom and it has created a sickened landscape for us to live in. How do we heal a nation that has a terrible disease of greed?

Does anyone remember Mother Teresa's response, when asked where she saw the most poverty? She said, Chicago... because she saw children stealing NIKE shoes from other children. GREED! MONEY CREATES SICKNESS WHEN MISHANDLED.

Spiritually, the message of Jesus rings out in my head... The reason he was disliked, disowned by the Pharisees, was due to his ability to bring God to each of us. God lives within our hearts, not some special temple only a select few have access to. All we have to do is love one another. We can reach God whenever we want. We don't need a clergy, religious leader to gain us access. We don't have to rely on an institution to find inner peace or God's love. Jesus made God accessible to the common person.

Those who have been opened up to Mary Magdalene's message of love and unity will know this all to well. Love, shared strength is available to us now. It was available 2008 years ago, but GREED, POWER, EGO drove it away into hiding. Those in power ran it to the shores of France, the Isles of England. "How dare the common man or woman have direct access to God's Love and Commitment! No, people must be lead and held like prisoners to a system so we can monitor it and control it. We will shape the future, not God...."

A dangerous road we have gone down!

I am not surprised when Mother Earth takes aim at humans and destroys lives through earthquakes, fires, water phenomena. I am not surprised when religious fanatics take aim at others because they see evil around them. Don't get me wrong, it saddens me to see this response to evil in our midst.

The human race is underdeveloped. YES UNDERDEVELOPED! We are acting like toddlers, this is mine, not yours. I am right, you are wrong. YES, NO.

If there is anything I hope you gain from reading this post, it is that we all have a responsibility to make choices that help propel our development into the 3rd or 4th level. Again, there are around 7+ levels pending a theorist or spiritual practice you research.

We all need to make changes. It is not okay to buy unsustainable products, it is not okay to feed our future, food laden with poisons, it is not okay to use shampoos or detergents that harm mother earth. And for those of you who have more money, there is no excuse for you to support those companies not making efforts to put some green back on mother earth.

I challenge myself every day to conserve, re wear clothing 3-5 times before washing, make the most of grocery purchases to get value and quality without slowing poisoning my family and friends. And for those of you who hoard the good and give the bad....shame on you! We are to share our best with those around us.

Yes at this very festive time of year, let's put into perspective the reason for this season... sharing hope and the coming of light! All cultures celebrate the coming of the son, sun, light and hope. Why aren't we grabbing this message of giving and sharing more and taking it to heart? Instead I wake to a spoiled, selfish man the CEO of Merrill Lynch wanting his 10M dollar bonus... Give me a break!

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