07 December, 2008

Starting to feel the crunch of time.

Well it is December, even though my brain isn't so sure. You see every time I look out my opened patio door, I see vibrant green palm trees and feel the warm air as I stand there in sandals and shorts. I think due to this "hard to accept it is really December when it feels like August" state of mind, I have let time pass without completing some of the things that need to be completed before Jan.

Jan, we are hoping that Santa brings us a family vacation to Disney. If that happens, an entire week will be taken up by that lovely gift. The following week, will be taken up by schooling and field trips and more packing for a trip to Ohio. Where finally it will feel like winter, but all the wonderful holiday decorations will be taken down. There are 3 major projects that need to be completed before the return to Ohio; my tax documents for 2008, the 2008 financial books for my client, and a video slide presentation which is for the purpose of the trip.

My grandma will turn 80 this year and I have been volunteered? to put together a video slide show with music. I have never completed said task before, but figure with my NERO software, I should be able to??? Okay HOPE to!

Then there are the things that I want to complete this month:

Baking Christmas Cookies
Complete 2 traditional Christmas Meals
Attend a Hanukkah Celebration and make donuts for the first time ever...
Wrap presents
Make presents
Send presents
Complete stocking stuffer shopping
Send out holiday cards
Clean house at least one more time, most likely before the 2 traditional meals...

So there is a lot to do and I have not been able to get in gear to do it.

For those of you who attended college or university, you will know this idea. Remember when you were given the syllabus at the beginning of the semester? I always had this overwhelming realization... I will do all of this by when? Of course I always did it, sometimes with great outcomes, others well I maybe didn't get the best grade, but point being, I accomplished the tasks, one by one.

I know I will get through it all, but I just feel overwhelmed right now and I don't want to get grouchy trying to get it all done. The boys tend to receive all the grouchiness and they don't deserve it.

Anyone else feeling like time has gotten away from them?

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