13 December, 2008

Baking...and More Tomorrow!

We have been baking. The boys and I started last week. We started with the Toffee Squares, then moved onto the Orange Cranberry Crisps. Due to time, we only made the dough for the Peanut Butter Kisses and Cut Outs. Today, we continued with baking off the Peanut Butter Kisses, completed the Chocolate Crinkles, and snow balls. We have the dough for the Kifli's ready and will finish them tomorrow along with the cut outs. I used a spiced butter cookie recipe for the cut outs.

I have a desire to make fudge and Buckeyes... after all we are from Ohio. Monday we are going to clean the house and Tuesday make certain all the last minute gift wrapping is complete. Wednesday will be Christmas Eve at our House with Christmas Day to follow. Having a Daddy with no holidays off, we make due and create our own days on the Calendar. I admit, it will be strange to do nothing on the real Christmas Holidays... well we will go to church.

Here are some pics of the process so far...

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Amy said...

Um - I might need that toffee squares recipe... pretty please.