15 December, 2008

What DRIVES you?

Ever notice that voice inside your head, pointing you in a certain direction? Is there a particular filter you apply before every decision? Do you have a focused path that you follow?

MystikMomma is the name I chose, because it sums up what my life has been based on. Born under the sign of Cancer, I have taken on the role of "momma" in many situations long before I actually became a momma. I have emerged as a leader, confidant, adviser and nurturer throughout my life. Even as a young child, maybe 4/5, I was the one directing my childhood friends, who were older, in our choice of play for the day. This trend of emerging to the top and taking the lead stayed with me. However, the role of momma has taken on the literal term, as I mother 2 beautiful creatures, L and V. Momma takes on an entire different meaning for me as I let them teach me and I sit back and cheer. (Which in terms of leadership, is a common role for those exemplary leaders).

is a term I find myself drawn to for many reasons. Most Mystiks were misunderstood or recluse in nature. They were suffering in a way that was deeply personal and managed on their own. They didn't follow the pack, they took their own road if there was a road to take at all. If not they forged their own way and held fast to their beliefs and convictions. Of course there was the spiritual factor in that each Mystik emerged with a new spiritual understanding and purpose. They were in direct contact with the Universe.

This role has also been a part of me for as long as I can remember. So many times, I would dream of the dead spirits of family members, we would talk and share stories. Later when I would share with my family, they would just stare or in some cases cry, as the words I spoke were a direct connection to the deceased. I later started to have dreams of prophecy and at times could figure out the meaning. I still have these dreams but it has developed into something more beyond the sleep state.

Being introduced to the supernatural at a young age, there was an interest planted long ago. I would work on developing this further as time and space would allow. Still to this day, I am seeking my real purpose and know it has always been to find spiritual work of some sort. Too many incidents to retell now, have guided me, foretold to me and pushed me in this direction. Not that I pushed back, I have always been drawn to the spiritual realm. Maybe my birth sign has something to do with this... cosmic mother ruled by the moon????

Back to my original question, "What drives you?". I know what drives me it is this idea of MystikMomma. Every decision I make is based on this idea. Before I make a certain decision, I reflect on how it will impact each aspect of MystikMomma. Will it support this person or idea? If not, I rethink the decision and try to find another solution or choice.

For example, the products I buy are largely decided upon how it will aid the family and support Mother Earth. Will these products help our physical body stay clean and open to the spiritual one?

Working outside or inside the home, is also another one of these choices. The work I have been involved in thus far, has always been a job for me. It wasn't my life's purpose, as it didn't fall in the realm of spiritual work. The jobs were conventional, mainstream which many people do now. Maybe I was good at what I did, but that didn't make it my life's work. I was always searching for something else. I wanted to know I was doing more than counting labor hours, organizing a church meeting, writing a grant, selecting recipients of governmental dollars etc. I wanted to be working a job that didn't feel like a job. I didn't want the day to be ruled by meetings and hours that I need to make up or meet.

Working inside my home has allowed me this space and time to dwell on this idea of MystikMomma. With 2 boys, I am forced to focus on the momma part. Homeschooling them is an effort of focused attention, requiring me to think about how and what to teach them. Of course there are standards, but it goes beyond that. I have the opportunity to shape them. No one will be able to say "Oh he picked that up from school". They will learn from me. What a very important role I play and it is not lost on me. I take this work, most seriously. This is the most important work I have ever tackled. Nothing in my past job history challenged me in this manner, nothing... those were all mindless and EASY compared to what I am doing now.

The real trick is how to bring the Mystik to the Momma in this endeavor. How can I offer these boys the ideas behind Indigo Children, Star Children, Crystal Children, Human Evolution, Chakra Management, Universal Love etc etc etc. Well it is done by modeling I know, but there is more. I sense it inside.

So what drives you? I know my spirit is being led down this path for a reason and finally I have been given this blessed opportunity to explore this path without the distraction of a boss or an ignorant coworker... Just possibly the reason I never fell in love with any job was due to the fact, I was not supposed to. I was supposed to move on and find something that wasn't conventional. After all I hardly ever followed the pack, I always created my own way.

Just once in a while it would be nice to find others who are also on the same path... so we realize we are not alone, but could possibly strengthen our purpose if we were together?

What DRIVEs you? The woman below drives me...Mary Magdalene

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