09 January, 2009

Walt Disney World!

We made it, all 3 days of walking, exploring, seeing and doing. It was really great to be there with my family. I had this picture in my head of how it would be to see Disney through the eyes of my boys. My first trip was at 4, which is the same age as my youngest, V. He didn't fair as well as I did. He was very whiny and created some frustration along the way. However, when he was happy, he was like a little elf with his Peter Pan hat on.

L was in his element. He created this happy dance and was thrilled at every turn, every new site every experience! 6 is a great age to discover the magic at Disney.

We took 3 days to explore Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and finished with Epcot, which means, Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow (Disney).

The last time I was there, I was 13. Hubbie was around 18? His family used to go every year since he was 10. They had good friends that lived in Orlando and would make a winter trip. They would drive down from NY and spend some quality time with their friends. They actually met these friends in the hospital when hubbie was born along with their son, M. M and hubbie are close friends to this day, so you never know who you are going meet and how long they will be in your life.

Here are some pics from our trip.....

Maybe another trip in a couple of years??? I would love to make this an annual thing, like my hubbie had growing up, but realistically, we have no idea where we will be next year. Additionally, with the economic crunch, we are lucky to have food on the table, which we are very thankful for.


Soul Serene said...

You all look so happy I bet the boys had a blast. They are so cute in there little hats.

Soul Serene said...

Looks like everyone had a lot of fun they look so cute in their little hats.

MystikMomma said...

YEs it was very fun.