18 February, 2009

Circle of Women

There has been much written regarding the power women share within a circle. I have had the unique opportunity to share in such an experience a couple years ago. Through
SpiritHeal Institute with Sarah Weiss, I participated in Heart Circles. Our first group was all women, 13 to be exact. This was a powerful experience to be with 12 other women of different ages and spiritual experience/background. We journeyed into our hearts and found a connection that grew strong. This strength was healing and inspirational.

Last night, as I retold the day's events to hubbie, I couldn't shake this happy feeling of being HOME. Home has a myriad of meanings for me. First it is the idea that finally I can call Key Biscayne home. This idea of going "home" - OHIO, has forced me to look deeper within myself to define home.

Anyone who knows about the zodiac sign Cancer, will know we crabs tend to hold onto things far too long. I have been holding onto Cleveland, OH far too long. It is the city I was raised in and it has left an impression on me. My task is to allow the impression to stay but move away from the impression so other places can also leave their mark.

I count myself blessed as I have been able to call many places home. There was Atlanta, New Orleans, Meinz, London and Urbino for a time. (There was Macomb, IL, which is a struggle for me to call a blessing. But it was 2 years of my life with a few great outcomes...a Master's Degree, a terrific friend and a neat relationship with a professor who seems to always give great advice).

Now home is Key Biscayne. I want to know this place inside and out so I can feel as if I get "it". If I get "it" then I am living "it". This place has been magikal in that it has quietly asked me to rethink the meaning of HOME. With its gentle tides and blowing palms, there was a beckoning to acknowledge what I have right in front of my face.

HOME also means a new HomeSchool group; we joined in February. The boys and I were part of another group last year, however, their ultra conservative Christian view/rules were too stifling for me. The entire time I was there, I didn't engage one adult in conversation, I was never introduced to the class I volunteered in, and I struggled to keep my opinionated mouth shut!

There was much said about the election and how one side favored life and other wanted to kill babies... how those liberals were going to redefine marriage to mean something unholy and how the poor needed to pull themselves up without a handout. These moments, I was reminded how open my mind really is. It also reminded me that Christian is a word that I still struggle with. A Post for another time... the difference of Catholic and Christian according to the MystikMomma.....

HOME is the name of the group we joined and in the first day, I was talking to a handful of moms. They met me with smiles, encouraging words and the willingness to physically take me to the boys classrooms so I knew where everything was. (Never happened with the previous group, NEVER).

We attend these enrichment classes every Tuesday. Each session, I learn more of each mother I met. I share more of myself. There is a strength building among women of common purpose. We are all there because we want to offer our children the best possible educational experience. We have made sacrifices in order to be present with our children, teach our children and expand our own comfort zone in order to accomplish said task.

This common purpose draws us in, makes us strong. We are a circle of women. (There are dads too, but mostly the moms are running the show). This strength or influx of maternal energy is what I leave with every Tuesday. Empowered, determined, uplifted, my new circle of women has been found.

I have come HOME is so many ways.

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