20 March, 2009


Today is the first day of spring. What a glorious day to start our rebirth while we honor our spirit.

I had a rebirth/honoring lesson today, which only took about 30 minutes to "get". Last night while reading my Path to Empowerment book, I was reviewing the chakras and how we need to clear them in order to gain the flow of healing energy within. The 3rd Chakra is the one situated in our bellies and it is best summed up in listening to your gut. Yes, I listen to my gut, no need to find a blockage there....

Well today, I didn't listen to my gut and joined facebook. After I joined I started poking around and realized that this was a place to reconnect with people from your past and through that connection, possibly new people would come into your life. However, I couldn't think of new people, because my 3rd, 4th and 5th chakras were closing up. I had this invisible energy clamping down on my core. It started to become painful and increased my short breath.

As I was trying to calm myself down, I thought, this is silly, I will just sign off and try again tomorrow to see the benefits... then I had this strong NO come into view. I went to the delete account link.

Why on earth was I forcing something that every one is doing into my world? NO, I will not. I typically follow my own path, find my own music to tune in to and make my own decisions and this was not a good one for me.

The funny thing? The delete link was not working and it took over 10 minutes to delete the account! I felt trapped and the breath was getting shorter and shorter and shorter.... then finally success and it lifted, just like that.

The phone rang and the one person in the world that could understand not wanting to be found, called me. Yes, confirmation, I did the right thing. I listened to my gut and got out just in time.

This is not to say facebook is an evil energy sucker. For me it represents things in my past that I don't need to revisit. It may be a great thing for you and your present, but for me it wasn't. The lesson here is to listen to your gut, intuition and follow your heart. Only then will the energy flow to create harmony and peace in your life.

So rebirth your being and honor your spirit.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, facebook is about worthless. I see these people that have like 90 friends. I can't think of 90 people in the world that I'd want to keep in touch with, let alone just from High School. It's again a symptom of this desire to have a lot of very shallow connections with people, rather than one or two deep ones. I have 7 people as friends, only 2 of which are from High School.

Oh, and be sure to check out the special "Secrets of the Furious Five" featurette from Kung Fu Panda.

Lady North said...

Dear MystikMomma: I agree with you re: F/B..and as Anon so wisely pointed out, just how many close friends can one have in one's life?
I think the going rate is 10.
I was 'forced' into F/B because my family is on it, but frankly I find it a time waster and those 3rd apps drive me crazy.
Thank you for visiting my blog..I am so glad you found the Verdant Equinox to your liking!
Blessings of the Spring - HUGS