20 March, 2009

Creating a New Earth

Finally, the book is read, a New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. It isn't that it was a difficult read, but that I started it after the excitement wore off from Oprah. Additionally, between homeschooling, financial management duties, a new interest in knitting and being the momma, it was hard to find the time and quiet needed for this read.

I found the author repeating and discussing topics that were already known to me for the first half of the book. But then as I vowed to get through it, something started to catch on and the message started to weave nicely into my psyche.

I get it. The me in this lifetime gets it. I am being, just being. Walking lighter, being more gentle, trying at least, finding beauty, connecting to the present. I love the present!

We watched Kung Fu Panda last week. The line that struck me went something like this "The past is history the future is yet to be but the present is a gift, that is why it is called a Present!" YEAH! I love it.

My present is wonderful, we are healthy, living together in sunshine... the healing rays of great power, have a safe cozy home, get to touch sand whenever we want and connect with the cleansing waters of Mother Earth. We have made some new friends and found new boundaries that are healthy for older relationships.

Moments in my past have led me to this present moment of spiritual site. Whether or not I am destined to do something great or small, I am destined to be part of the whole movement forward. This I know, instinctively. The past month it seems a new portal has been opened. I have walked through to only realize it later. My body has lightened in karmic energy and I am sensing more energy. Yes movement forward has occurred, the shift has taken hold.

The present is a gift and I am blessed. I encourage all to find their pain bodies, work through them and then learn to unwrap this precious gift of the present. Maybe then you will notice the shift, after it happens...

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