16 April, 2009

Spiritual Calling

So the past few weeks, my dreams have been on overdrive and leaving me exhausted upon waking. Those who do dream work, know this feeling and all you want to do is get some real sleep, but are grateful for the night journey, as it will lead you to greater understanding.

I have had 2 dreams with snakes. The first had me living in a camp style house, the kind that you would imagine at summer camp. Upon opening the screen door, this very large, I mean large, 8inch diameter, 10 foot long black thick snake moving with its head held up at 3 feet was slithering around loose in my house. For some reason, I knew this, even though I was shocked. The key was to enter the house, let it move around you until it recognized you and then you could go about your business and it would leave you alone. Kind of like a dog, barking, licking, jumping until it got over its initial excitement that you were home. As I was trying to be calm for the snake to realize I belonging in the house, it slithered right up next to me on the bed, all the way up to by shoulders and then receded. I woke up shortly after, freaked out a bit, as I am not a fan of snakes in my personal space. I also don't like coming across them in their space! (I do have a friend that has snakes in her home and they don't bother me in the least, because they do their thing in their tank and we always did our thing).

Second dream was last night. I was watching some sort of TV show with this man trying to escape the rushing waters and as he turned the bend and got out, you saw how he just narrowly dodged the alligator. As the alligator turned the bend, it came out of the TV and became a bright green snake with red stripes. Now I am on the toilette and turn my body shielding my face with my left hand and it bit down hard on the fleshy part of my thumb. My hand started to swell with liquid poison and I started to suck it out and spit into the sink. I am now standing the bathroom of my families cabin in Penn. I place I love from my childhood. As I am spitting out over and over again, the swelling goes down and I think that this meant something... I wake and my entire left arm is sore, borderline numb.

I read all the dream interpretive sites I could find today and it seems that I am either in danger of someone close to me and I am being warned... or I am on the verge of a spiritual awakening leading me to my inner wisdom. The problem is that both could be true.

Consequently, I have had a couple of great conversations with new people regarding my beliefs and spiritual position. I have "ministered"? Not certain what this really means, but I am awaiting more instruction, which I am sure will come.

There have also been dreams uncovering sacred nuts at the base of the cross, witnessing a small boys burial in Paris and the ones avoiding the possessed aunts in Scotland. As you can tell I am being taken on a wild ride! But I pray each night for clarity and instruction. So somewhere there is a riddle I need to solve. Any takers on helping me????

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Ally said...

The second snake dream I immediately thought of the venom as either the negative junk between you and your family, or just the negative aspects/people in your family being drawn out and expelled.

The first one...I have to think about that one!