22 April, 2009

What I'm Loving...

  1. Little boys who make love machines and shark zappers with their toy tools.
  2. Hubbies that carry large boxes into the apartment late at night.
  3. Wearing long pants in South Florida and not feeling sticky!
  4. Amazing homeschool mothers who keep me informed of the free stuff going on around town via email.
  5. Yummy split pea soup, made from our left over Easter Ham Bone. 
  6. Sleeping with the windows open.
  7. Having the monthly bills paid with money still in the account.  (Huge accomplishment on this one)!
  8. Getting the boys their own Yoga Mats, with intentions to have family Yoga Night, weekly.
  9. A new garbage disposal that doesn’t leak or sound like an air freighter taking off that shakes things off the sink counter!
  10. Buying sewing patterns for 99 cents each!  What a deal at Joann Fabrics!
  11. Dreaming of the lovely little girl dresses I will make for my nieces from said patterns.
  12. iGoogle – This beats facebook, myspace all of it!  My own personal front page with emails, and my blog subscriptions, cool artwork, inspirational quotes, zen meditation chimes, date, time, weather, just perfect!
  13. Mother Earth and all her wonders! 


Happy Earth Day

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