30 April, 2009

What is on my mind...

In an effort to make a post today, I was hard pressed to find one solitary topic. As in the case of having a conversation with a friend, one topic tends to lead to another and another and before you know it, a couple hours have passed and you just solved the world's financial crisis!

Well, not that I am going to solve any crisis here, but I am going to meander with what is on my mind today...

What is on my mind...

1. I love seeing my youngest accomplish something with such accomplishment that he just has to show me with the biggest smile. (This makes me gush)!

2. Swine flu.... like any other flu is a virus that will grow in strength if it meets resistance. I wish we could get rid of the antibacterial soaps, flu vaccines and learn to wash our hands, practice healthy food production, cultivation and delivery. I am so bothered by the fact that so many people are creating a demand for these vaccines that don't protect you from this year's latest and greatest flu... it just cause the viruses to become more dangerous! Why does the media propagate the scare and not present all the facts???

3. There was a post I read yesterday that really made me smile. I did intend to dedicate an entire post in a similar fashion. Well, you can see I didn't do it. So here goes... Things that inspire my heart... singing, dancing, cooking something really yummy... coloring. Well this is a good start.

4. Recently, I have found a new friend who values organic foods. She has been a wealth of knowledge and very giving of her resources. Because of her, I have joined a produce coop, looking to place an order for wholesale organic products and may venture into buying direct from the farm for grass fed beef, raw milk etc. I am very happy to have found the right contacts to keep my family nourished.

5. The dreams and sleeping are great these days. I love my sleep, feel that the dreams are really working through me and bringing me greater insights. There are also the confirmation dreams that keep me in check.

6. Concerned lately about some friendships. It seems the distance and changes we all experience are starting to fray the edges of some once "seemingly" strong bonds. We all go through changes, it is constant. We meet knew people that bring something extra to our lives and we grow from that experience. It would be foolish to think that nothing would change. However, the distance certainly doesn't help bring together those relationships. It is harder to stay connected, stay in tune. Maybe being "in tune", is the hardest thing to do, even with the variety of ways to communicate. So many nuances are lost and one sentence or word is misinterpreted to mean something altogether different from the intention. What to do? Well I guess just keep plugging along. There are hills and valleys in life and maybe with some of my friends we are not on the same plain, but then again, in a month we may meet up. That is okay with me, but is it okay with them?

7. Welcomed a new member of our family to the world this past week, Olivia Pearl is my newest niece. My sister-in-law had her baby. This marks the first girl on hubbies side, so she is officially the princess. I pray that she is able to make it through life with peace and grace. This will be a challenge for her, but we can all pray it becomes an adventure!

8. Speaking of babies... hubbie and I have reopened the talk to have another. Hubbie even called me the other day from work to pass on a couple of girl name ideas! This is amazing, considering the fact that he is never one to indulge my fantasies like this. But we have settled on a name for a girl and it is packed with numerological significance! Now, about making the baby... well we haven't agreed to do that just yet, but he is starting to give me indications maybe sooner than later.

9. Life is really great for us. Eve though the boys want a bathtub, garage, fenced yard, we still seem to make it pleasant here for us. I am okay. Usually, I am not the one to be so positive about things but lately, I am taking up the banner for gratitude and usually am thankful many times throughout my day. Maybe all the "ick" I have had to deal with was all meant to create a gratitude attitude? Of course it helped me along with other lessons too.

10. Homeschooling has filled my life with something I never expected or looked for. I am grateful, (again, I know), for this opportunity to be with my boys in this manner. The experiences we have had together far outweigh any accomplishment I could have at work, or from something I could but due to a second income. This is what my life is about now and I am happy!

Meandering... so many thoughts and not enough time to blog about them one by one....after all I am a busy Mystik Momma!


Wendy said...

Oh coloring! What a great idea. We may have to indulge in a little bit of that this chilly and rainy day (love those).

melissa s. said...

what a sweet little bunch of musings. i found your blog via a comment on peaceliving's post. it seems we have a lot in common, so i thought i'd stop by and say hi. Hi! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, the media hype about a couple hundred people sick out of 6 billion is irritating in it's idiocy.

You're insane. We're the same age, and I could not even imagine having to go through all the infant/newborn stuff again. But best of luck if you decide to go that route.

It's normal for people to drift apart. Most people don't really grow and change that much fundamentally. So keep in mind that as you continue to explore yourself and expand your personality in different ways, you're going to lose some people from your life. But you'll gain others...like the woman you mentioned that is helping you with the organic food (ick). :)