02 May, 2009

May 2nd.. Musings

I think may should be my Musings Month! Every post will be a musing... or amusing pending how your sense of humor is....

1. Hello to all the new readers and I do enjoy your comments! When I started this blog a while ago... see 2005, I didn't want any readers, as I just wanted a place to be open and creative. But as the years passed and I became more involved in my blog and others', I looked for comments on my posts. I wanted to connect and see what others are doing in their lives. Maybe I would even find some new friends that were of similar interests? My friend Ally has found some great friends via blogging and so I thought I would give it a try.

2. Today is Free Comic Book Day. Click here to find a store near you! If the boys have good choices today, we will go!

3. Today is also World Labyrinth Day. At 1pm, people around the world will be walking in a Labyrinth. How exciting! After this post we are on our way to the nearest Labyrinth, done in in the Chartres Style... which has much significance for me. Read anything I posted on Mary Magdalene and you will start to see the fuller picture. Find your Local Labyrinth here.

4. Today is also a day our Downtown Miami Library is holding a special event. We will go there after the Labyrinth.

5. A new friend called me today and after the call was over, I realized another gift I have. I am a counselor of sorts. She called with a problem, spiritual reality turned to some personal tragedy. After the call, she didn't stop saying thank you. I thought that was strange I didn't do anything really. But when I thought about it, I did. I shared my tragedy. Okay a couple of them. We all have them. It is our story, the stuff that makes us, us. I shared because I wanted her to see that through some good clear focus, you can arrive at a really good place. It doesn't matter the "ick" we go through. It matters what we do with the "ick". So I shared piece of my "ick" and she stopped to say, wow. I think she took a moment to be thankful my "ick", wasn't hers. I shared my story... maybe soon, I will share it here....

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