24 May, 2009

May Makings

Making 1 - Organization
Okay so do you remember how I have this crazy desire to organize my filing cabinet and put all of those warranty/instruction manuals in order? Well today I did it! Finally after 7 years of wanting to do this, I did it! Talk about an overdue project!

I have one drawer left, but truth be told, it is mystikman's not mine. But I will organize it for him.

In the process I was able to open up one slot on my desk organizer, which was needed. All said and done, there were 3 bags of paper thrown out! Can you imagine, each time I moved, I was lugging around all that extra paper? Before the move here, I had 2 tubs full of paper to unload! Amazing all that stuff we haul around all the time.

Making 2 - Food

Tonight for dinner, I just happen to whip us some herbed spatzle. I found a technique and recipe that works terrific and the result is bounissimo! The boys love it and were walking around the house saying things like "You rock mommy" and "You are the best spatzle maker in the world"! To find a meal the boys love and will eat up at dinner is a great accomplishment.

Mixing the Batter simple simple recipe, 1/2c milk, 3 eggs, 1 1/2c flour S&P to taste, sprinkle in dill, lavender, beau monde, herbs d'Provence, or whatever herbs you like.

Put mixture in a spatzle maker, which I love, or pour through something with holds, like a colander/strainer.

There was a huge pile of Spatzle on his plate... notice they were eaten before the bratwurst and the boys LOVE bratwurst!

Hats off to my birthplace for inspiring my love of German Foods!

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