18 May, 2009

More May Musings...

Well the musings this past week took me backwards. If you follow astrology, you are aware we are experiencing Mercury Retrograde. Mercury being the planet of communication, was moving backward and then goes forward again over the same path. Imagine taking a drive getting half way there, realizing you forgot something at home and having to go back, seeing the same scenery, then finally starting out once more, passing the things you already passed twice! During this period, we most likely will experience going over things that we thought were solid, several times. We may be forced to look at things in the past, as they come to the surface once more.

This is not bad, but it forces us to pay closer attention to detail and we should be patient with the process as there is reason for reanalysis.

This past week, I have been questioning some friendships. Not in terms of good or bad, but in terms of where do we go from here? It is basically, my thoughts alone on this, as the other parties are busy with their lives, but I am feeling a pulling away and I have to pay attention to my gut. We shall see where this leads.

My brakes blew out! In an effort to avoid an awful accident, I slammed on my breaks to blow the brake line wide open. Due to the Northern Rust, there were several weak spots. We were forced to take some time for repair, replacement and pause. Dealing with our Northern influence after all this time of being in the South.

I have been going through an intense swim training program in order to become a Teacher's Aide. This will provide me with some exercise and it allows my boys to receive free swim lessons all summer long! What a benefit! While focusing on my swim strokes, I am transported back to a time when I did swim frequently and quite frankly, I am good at this, really good! It has been nice to get in the water and go through all the strokes. Also it feels good to be demonstrating certain techniques for the rest of the class, as I am that good. Okay, I am not modest here, but really, I know my stuff in the water! I am reminded of my childhood days when I wanted to be a swim instructor, after all these years, I am real close!

Ever have a feeling and not know what it is? Suffering for an hour or so, I finally realize the awful pain inside my body was not a heart attack, but Heart Burn! It has been years, since I have last suffered from this awful pain. I took many tests and many pills to finally arrive at a place of being pain free! But this past week, I was in full flare up and didn't realize the pain I was having. Finally, it hit me and I just couldn't understand why on earth after all these 10 plus years I was having this again. Still don't know why, my body is bloated with heart burn pain...but it certainly took me back to those days to figure out what I did wrong this time.

Simple Mercury Retrograde Lesson...Never buy electronics or do anything technical! I did both, upgraded my entire computer system to VISTA... which took more than one go around and I bought a printer.. well two actually, but returned the first one. The printer we ended up keeping is still not installed and isn't at home on my desk yet. I have tried it in 2 positions thus far and still need to try another one!!!

Then there is this cough... that halts all activity now and then.

So you see, May has proved quite a month for me and we are only mid way through! Maybe I will try to use calm now to piece back all the pieces that were undone to find a different destination lies ahead!


Anonymous said...

One of the disadvantages to not talking with you is that I can't give you advice...which would have been against going to Vista right now. Windows 7 comes out within the next year and it's a much better OS.

I cannot believe I didn't know you swam. Well...I assumed you could swim, but not at a "teach other people" level. Good for you.

MystikMomma said...

I was using Server 2003 as my OS and this was reaking havoc with all of my updates and other things plugged into the PC. Had to upgrade to something and didn't make sense to go backward to XP or 2000.

MystikMomma said...

I have been swimming since I was 4 and completed all my swim lessons at age 9, one lesson every summer. Too small to take life guarding, so I joined the swim team for a couple of years.

Swimming has always been my favorite way to exercise.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what would lead you to having a server OS for your home computer, but there must have been a reason. I still would have probably gone to XP, that's what I have on all the systems here. Except for the one netbook mini. It's running Ubnutu and I just haven't felt like changing it.

Oh, and before I forget, Happy Anniversary. I know it's early, but I don't always check on you every week.

MystikMomma said...

Happy Anniversary to you too!