22 May, 2009

Mystik Man and More May Musings

Okay so I am going to try this one out... instead of hubbie, which sounds a little strange coming from me, the anti nickname gal... I am going to move to mystikman. I was pondering how to keep all things Mystik and well, not certain how the easiest of adjectives escaped me... MAN, but it did.

Now if only I could find one for family... Mystik Family, Mystik Gang, Mystik..... well you see how I might be stumped on this one?

Update on the PC... VISTA is working great! Once I got the PC back to doing what I want it to do, all is fine. The printer is fantastic and finally it has found a home. Literally, it was in 4 different places before it found a home. I also cleared out one file drawer and have a nice bag full of paper in need of shredding. Mercury Retrograde strikes back.... the shredder is not working! UGH!

Has anyone actually taken the time to file all of those instruction, warranty information papers they get when they purchase something? I have another file drawer filled to capacity with stuff like that. Intentions were to catalog them, alpha order and 3 hole punch for the binder, you know "Home Maintenance" binder that every household should have... don't' have one?

Well off to organize something... or maybe color, I have really enjoyed this pattern of listening to L practice his piano while I sit and color beside him. Yeah coloring sounds better than organizing for the day. You could say it almost qualifies as one of those rainy days where you want to curl up on the couch and read a good book or take a nap....

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