28 July, 2007

Monkey Bars

When is the last time you did the monkey bars at a park? For me it has been a long while. Today after taking the boys to see Ratatouille, we ended up at a family park. As the park was immense I decided to follow my little guy V. I then realized that I was working up a small sweat and decided it was really fun going up and down and trying out all of the obstacles.

V was enjoying the fact that he and I were buddies in the park. It warms my heart when I hear his little voice say "Mommy, where are you?" L, my oldest child was having fun with Daddy. Daddy of course had to prove his ability to do chin ups.

As we were about to leave I did the monkey bars. It didn't come as easily as they once did, but the fact remains that I did do them and it was fun. The entire evening was fun.

I needed some fun and a family park with my boys was just the remedy.

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Ally said...

Hey, I tried to email you yesterday and it bounced back to me that your inbox is full.

I am feeling better, thank goodness. There is always time, always a few more minutes to squeeze into the day. Sleep is highly overrated!! Who is showing you how to upholster? I have a chair that needs it but it's very far down on my list of priorities at the minute.

I'm glad you're getting things out on your blog, it's nice to read.