28 August, 2007

WOW Here are some real Rantings!!!

A friend of mine, who sells beauty products from a well recognized brand, always sends things for me to try and potentially purchase. I will not buy from this brand, as it does not support the type of ingredients that I am looking for to maintain health and conscious decision making. The following is what I had to say, hoping that she would learn a bit more about me.

Also some of you may ask why on earth do I live in the US, if I have such negative feelings for it. Have any of you tried to move abroad as a US citizen? It is not the easiest thing in the world do to. Trust me I have explored many ways in which this could be my reality, but at present moment I have been unsuccessful. This doesn't mean that I am not trying, trust me, it is always my first choice! At present moment I am listening to a popular Italian artist. My blood is Italian and Hungarian. This is not something one can just erase. I long for things that are not here and long for ways that are more consistent with my inner calling. This is also my path, and I am working hard to figure it out.

Here we go with my response to my beauty product friend,

My main complaint is that we are consuming harmful ingredients in almost everything we buy. It is a shame that our government is not willing to take a harder stance on how to keep us healthy. Unfortunately, most of those who know how to make better buying choices are far and few between. Those who really need the education are not getting it and reliant upon what is sanctioned by the government.

When I was in Italy, they did not sell toothpaste with Fluoride in it. They also didn’t put chemicals on their produce or inject their animals with hormones. In the land of too much excess, we demand more and more bigger and bigger so the only way to do this is to cheat nature and enhance our products chemically.

Even our approach to food storage is terrible! We use plastics that are not meant to be on our food source. But because we live in a fast paced nation, we have to rely on making meals ahead of time so we can microwave dinner throughout the week. Of course, the plastic most people use is made out of petroleum, and the microwave they use to heat it in, breaks down the plastic, depositing these particles in our food, and of course taking away all of the nutrients from the microwave process. Then there is the exposure to all of the electromagnetic rays, which we overexpose ourselves to as well. It just makes me sick to think so many families are living this way and either don’t know or don’t care.

Then there are the products we put on our bodies, well you know my stance on that. I don’t think all people are susceptible to these chemicals, but over time I do think we are over exposed unnecessarily. Additionally, I think with all of the other issues, like fluoride, plastics, pesticides, poor air quality, hormones, etc, it will impact our livelihood and overall health. Why are we so far removed from nature and its natural goodness?

This is my goal for my family, to get back to nature and try to live a more conscious existence. Making decisions that will benefit the global nature of the world and others in a humane manner; this is my true passion. I know most people think I am crazy and overboard, but my children are very healthy and rarely are sick, less the common cold around the change of seasons in the winter months. They have no cavities and are clear thinkers. This is one of the reasons why my husband and I want to move to another city. We want to find a community that supports the way in which we choose to live. It would be nice to live with pure intent and have neighbors that support this ideal.

I do think there is a deteriorated US and over time it will degenerate even more. Unfortunately, Gov. is able to disguise it from the masses with their hold on the media and the slants they choose to portray. I never really did care for America and the ideals it purports. I would much rather live in Europe. I find the humanness is more accessible and they choose to value human life more than our consumer society that claims an American dream that hardly anyone is able to attain. (Of course there is no true utopia, but I am allowed to choose the best of the worst so to speak).

Throughout my many travels and lifetime of living a cultural lifestyle, I really don’t identify with being an American at all. There were so many times I almost married overseas and was willing to give up the US. I didn’t of course due to other circumstances, but truly, I struggle with this land we call free and brave. It appears more greedy and base to me.

I know a soap box and something harsh for those who love this country. Oh well, what am I to do? I guess live the best way I am able with the knowledge I have. I rarely follow the pack, in fact, I have always led. Most of the time I have been on the outside making my own trail. I find this more fulfilling and more authentic. Harder, I know, but at least I can say I did it my way and to the best of my knowledge. Learning is a life long journey and I am driven to keep improving the decisions I make in order to create a better existence here and beyond.

If the decision is not spiritually sound, then why bother? By spiritual, I mean that, not religious. Religion has its place and serves a purpose, but spirituality is the true pursuit and we are too often misguided again, by the establishment as to their goals and not the essence of the spirit.

You know I won't be voting Republican this election!

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