01 August, 2007

Ugly Monster Disappered, La La!

Yeah the ugly monster has left the building! (One this you should note about me, I am a huge Elvis Presley fan. Elvis's death was a defining moment in my childhood. When I heard the announcement in our old mint green metallic pick up truck, I turned to my mother and asked her if he died like my sister did. She responded yes and I asked how come, because he is a cartoon and they don't die. Up until this point, I thought all things on the TV were not real, but cartoons. It was then I realized the difference between real and not real on TV. I also realized that I really liked Elvis and knew he was in Heaven like my sister was. What a huge moment for a young girl to have). So yes the ugly monster has indeed, "Left the Building".

We are all happy once again to live in the land of la la.

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