12 November, 2007

Iron Chef

Cleveland is on the National Map, thanks to Michael Symon. Yes, I am a foodie and love to enjoy good food. I remember watching the Original Iron Chef back in the late 90's with my then boyfriend, now husband. My Husband is a chef who worked for the Ritz Carlton among other fine establishments.

We used to watch the Iron Chef and enjoy the challenges and creations. Nice to have watched this show emerge onto the American market with its own flavors. How happy and nervous I was watching the outcome last night on the Food Network! (Kinda like watching the last 2 minutes of a Browns Game..., you know what I mean?)

What made this final battle even more interesting for our household is that my husband and I ate at both of the chefs' restaurants. My Hubbie actually met John Besh when we lived in New Orleans. As an added perk, Michael Symon's mother is a long time customer at my aunt's restaurant in the Cleveland area. With this connection, hubbie and I have both sat on a couple of occasions with Michael Symon while eating as his then Lola's.

Another added twist is that our first son was born in New Orleans and our second son was born in Cleveland. What a fun little oddity we had while watching this final show.

Of course all of this is great news for Cleveland, Ohio in terms of commerce. This city is a great city underneath all of the old money. Cleveland has a rich history, which unfortunately has been buried along with the old benefactors. What has inherited this city is a bunch of ungrateful, ignorants. They seem to be unable to bring the city to its original grandeur. There are many treasures here that go unnoticed; which is a shame. Do you know that Tiffany designed and built a chapel here? I struggle with being back "home", as I know the city could be great, but until the city understands that, it will never shine like it should. Sometimes it is easier to move on and find your niche somewhere fresh.

I don't know what the future holds for me, but I am truly grateful to Michael Symon and his culinary genius for working hard to be the next Iron Chef; among serving me some of my greatest meals in the past.


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Ally said...

Ack! Spoiler! I haven't watched the last episode yet!

Oh well, it will be a little less tense knowing the guy I was rooting for wins.