15 November, 2007

Decisions Keeping Me Awake

Yesterday I received a phone call regarding my resume out on Monster. Now, I uploaded my resume in August I believe. I haven't really thought of it since and didn't expect the phone call. The gist is that I am being pursued by an employer for a Recruiting Position. As this sounds good and possibly a bit flattering, I am not certain I like this idea of taking on a job. I have enjoyed being a mother, taking care of my boys, running them on errands and hearing their voices all times of the day. I enjoy having them jump into bed every morning for hugs and snuggles as we talk about our day. Taking on a job means that my morning routines among other routines are changed and do I really want to give that up?

Financially speaking, we really do need the money and I do crave some professional recognition. Maybe if the job was a bit more project oriented where I was not on the phone, I would be more excited, but right now, I am nervous as I don't know how it will change our lives. This is a big change and a huge adjustment to my children. I know they are flexible, but I will miss them and know in my heart it will be huge for me.

I am going forward with the process to see what it could be. It may turn out to be a dead end in terms of not enough compensation. It could also be a bad fit personality wise. But until I know all the terms, I will walk forward. It doesn't hurt to pursue the opportunity.

Meanwhile, I need to find a way to put these thoughts to bed, while I am trying to go to bed! Any suggestions beyond warm milk, hot shower, exhausting sex, yoga routines, meditation???

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Ally said...

Uh, no tips, but commiseration. I've been up with many of the same type of thoughts. No prospects yet, but there are possibilities and I've begun networking. (Gulp)

So yeah, a lot of late nights this week for me, doing the same.

Good luck!