01 February, 2008

Torn about the Vote

Just in case anyone reading my blog doesn't know... I will be voting Democrat all the way. I have enough governmental experience in my past to know my general feelings about life and values align more closely with the Democratic Party. Having said this, I am torn on who to vote for now that it seems Hillary or Barack will take the lead.

My main goal is to elect the candidate that will have the best chance at defeating the Republican Candidate. I am excited about both possibilities of having a minority as President so either Democrat will work for me. But which one will have the power to rule when it comes to November???

As a student of Diversity, I ask the following question... which minority is more likely to garner votes? Is a White Woman higher or lower than a Black Man? I am not wise enough to know that our uneducated voters will vote based on a "feeling" and most likely that "feeling" comes from years of programming about race, class, gender etc.

My gut wants me to vote for Hillary because she is strong, unwavering, is the only candidate that actually knows what it is like to be in the White House for 8 years... He back up support has already done the job and she will work very hard to prove all the nay sayers wrong. I also was told a long time ago, 1995ish to watch for her running ticket in 2008. It was fun to see her strategy this entire time. I too am a strong woman that has had to prove herself, struggle because of my sex. Maybe if a woman ran our country, that struggle would ease a bit?

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