06 February, 2008

The Vote

Well, I am going to back Hillary Clinton for 2008. This is a huge step from someone who was never registered up until 4 years ago and look how that turned out! In any event, I am going to give it to the woman and see how it pans out. Of course there are issues to review and past performance to consider, but bottom line of me at this level is to vote my heart and this is where it is at. There is something about Barack that I just can't figure out. It bothers me that I get a lack luster pulse on him.

I follow the school of listening to your gut, so there you have it. Not very scientific, but it makes sense to me. There will be no way I will go Republican this fall. I just want the Democratic way of caring in the Whitehouse now. Who knows that might change in the future, but for now, I feel good about my decision.

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