28 February, 2008

Trying to Soak in the Rays...

I am currently at my in-laws tying this blog while our boys are trying to sleep on a sofa bed. We are in sunny Florida, but I have to say they just had their coldest night of the year last night. We came down with one pair of long pants, socks and a long sleeve shirt. Hopefully the weather will warm up and we can actually soak up the rays on our bodies instead of our faces only.

We just spent the weekend with friends in Columbus, Oh. It was nice to be in each other's space and be. It was also nice to see our boys, 3 in total, play, laugh and try to get along for the most part. Freak out that we are in this space as mommies sometimes.

My hubbie was on a job interview in New England. He returned on Monday with a promise of an offer letter. 3 days passed and we finally recieved a verbal offer. We are in the midst of sorting the details. Assuming all goes well, we are moving to the Boston Area in the coming months.

So we are hoping to soak in the rays, while we let the upcoming events soak in to our brains. There will be lots to come I am certain.

So to relocate or not... we are relocating!

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Ally said...

Hoping for warm, sunny skies and a relaxing few days before you return to cold, snow, rain, and lots of changes.