09 March, 2008


Here is a welcome post to all my new readers! This the space that I work through my thoughts, feelings and emotions. There are times the space is quite helpful and others where it is just a space of rambling.

Today the focus is on our Relocation to Boston. We are awaiting a final offer letter, but it is already drafted waiting for a final relocation figure from the movers. How did this all come about?

Late last year, my hubbie started to sense things were going awry with his job. He came home and decided it was time to really start the job search. With all energy focused on a new job for my hubbie, he started to garner a ton of energy and activity around the search. We were looking at jobs all over in an effort to improve our current quality of life.

It was time to expand the borders of our search and consider relocation if that was where the trail led. The possibilities we considered were Minneapolis, New Jersey, Florida Coast, Texas, Columbus, Cinncinnati, Hershey, Washington DC, Beachwood, Cleveland and Boston.

As you can imagine, the possibilities had me going crazy with schools districts, cost of living, commute times, shopping ammenities and safety. There were many discussions about about what we wanted out of life and how we were going to get there. Once major stumbling block is the Alpaca Business.

Knowing the family turmoil throughout 2007, it should be no suprise that we decided to sell off our interests and move on for now. Alpacas are a great thing and I am truly looking forward to having my fleece put into felt and yarn. It will be great to have a warm sweater with Wyatt's fleece, our prize champion, to wear. However, with John's career, it isn't feasible for the two of us to go it alone and hence the decision to sell off.

The selling off has its own issues, but we are optomistic that buyers are around the corner. Once the animals are sold we will be able to afford a down payment, or rent for a year before buying. It might actually work out that I also do not have to go back to work until the boys are in school full time. The ideal would be for me to be a constant in their growing years. As parents, we really want our children to know we are their champions and cheering section.

January was full of job offers along with disappointments. February came and we were looking forward to our long planned vacation. Days before departure, hubbie's work decided they could do it better without him on their payrole. YIKES!!! News flash his ex-work is failing miserably, but that is their loss. Hubbie flew to Boston, wowed the company and has accepted a great job for his career.

We are the better for what has transpired, but it wasn't easy getting to this place by no means. We both recognize our blessings and truly embrace the move. The boys know they are moving to Boston, the place where the state has a strong arm attached. They are excited about being so close to the beach and getting a new house along with new schools. We will also be close to my hubbie's alma mater and friends in Maine. All in all this move is a great one, I just pray these alpacas sell so we can be together for life in Boston.

So there you have it, our move, what prompted it and why we even considered it. Next to come will be how we deal with it, make it happen and enjoy the process of becoming New Englanders. I have to say this settles with me better than the idea of becoming a Floridian or a Texan. I am joining the ranks of the educated shapers of our history. Maybe I will become a little patriotic??? Well let's not get too crazy, afterall, The North End is a huge concentration of all things Italian!

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