14 April, 2008


After trying to make the mental shift to Boston, it seems we may not be done thinking about other locations. The move to Boston has not been an easy one. There are many hurdles in the way, which have caused hubbie and I to rethink this move. If all of these obstacles exist, is there a reason why it isn't working out so smoothly?

In light of trying to find the answer to above question, we started to rethink areas to relocate to and have been considering Florida. This is NOT my first, second or even third choice of places to live, but if considered for a very short time period it might just do the trick.

Hubbie has two phone interviews with the Ritz Carlton and we hope to know something by the end of the week. What the job in Boston lacks... security, stability, market presence, benefits, great team setting, work place support, etc... the Ritz Carlton has in surplus. We would take a pay cut, but again, in 1-2 years, hubbie would be advanced and increase that base pay and we would be on our way.

Well more on this as details come. Anyone know of a good place to live near Fort Lauderdale area?

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