08 May, 2008

Almost There... The Very Good News!

I just received the phone call I wanted to hear...

Hubbie flew down to Key Biscayne, Fl on the 6th. He met with the Executive Chef and others. He was given his whites and set off to prepare for his tasting. Around 11pm, hubbie called me to inform me that all was well, he was prepared for the following day's tasting. He also shared with me, that the hotel is having a staffing problem and is not able to maintain its staff. It seems the workload is more than the employees bargained for. This is not news for hubbie, 16 hour days are the norm in the biz.

However, this news set the tone for a more confident attitude. Before hubbie went for the interview, he was nervous thinking he needed this job...once he learned of this information, he felt as though the RC needed him more than he needed the RC! This type of information is just what you want to hear when you are vying for a job.

On the 7th, hubbie prepared the final touches of the tasting, met more upper management, pitched in and actually worked in Banquets - because he is a team player and just like that, and finally served his 6 course tasting. Afterwards, he met with the Chef and talked about the position and the food some more. It all went smashing.

Today on the 8th, hubbie called me with the news I wanted to hear! Before the interview, the chef set a salary figure out there. Not the figure I wanted to hear a couple thousand lower than I wanted. Today, the Chef discussed the range for the position and now we know there is 5.5 thousand more up for grabs! This of course just made my day!

Hubbie will meet with a couple more people and then catch up with a friend he has known since birth... literally. He returns to Boston late tonight and we anticipate a solid offer tomorrow. Possibly in a week, we will have our daddy back in Ohio for a week before he flies off to sunny Florida to start working. All of this is really terrific news and we are so happy to be returning "home" so to speak. We know the industry, many of the important players, and feel this is just the most solid move we could make in lieu of such a shaky economy.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow's high dollar offer!

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