12 May, 2008


Today the chef at RC was to speak with hubbie about an offer. Due to the RC's busy weekend, that conversation will take place tomorrow. So we wait.

Meanwhile, I am jumping at the bit to contact some of these housing listings and schools. It is a bit overwhelming as there are so many schools and I think I need to see them in person to get a better feel. The tuition costs are another hurdle, I am trying to ignore.

At least we narrowed the search down to a concentrated area of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Davie. We will consider the areas west if these communities are not what we want. SAFETY, Space, Garage, Hurricane Proof and commute... in that order. I know hurricane proof is a hard one, but I want to live somewhere with newer construction, away from water ways to avoid flooding, and oh of course, no access for alligators! Remember the story in the news a month ago, when the woman found an alligator in her kitchen? Yikes! NO Thank you! The boys are a little concerned about the alligators and hurricanes. Just more experiences for us to live through and laugh about when over. Remember the roaches or New Orleans? We certainly do!

So we wait....

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