23 May, 2008

Making Memories

I knew a wise woman who once said her best decision was not working while her children were young. This way, she was able to work hard at making memories. Well this weekend is dedicated to making memories with my boys and family.

My mom's family decided to build a mountain/forest camp site outside of CooksForest State Park back in 1969-70. Ever since I can remember, this camp has been part of my childhood. We would all cram into a 2 bedroom cabin, loaded up with beds, and cots and such. It was terrific to be together for a weekend and we never were concerned with having only one bathroom for 15 plus people.

There was always a camp fire, marshmallows, deer spotting, driving through the forest, walking down by Clarion River, checking out the latest wears at the Indian Trading post, eating ice cream, and tons of wonderful home cooked food. Did I forget the games? We would play outside games, inside board games and put together puzzles 1000 plus pieces.

I have always treasured this place and it was the last time my mother's entire family was together before my grandpa died suddenly of a heart attack. It is a special place for us all and I really want my boys to know how lucky they are to have this place.

It isn't fancy, but it is our place. A place of memory making, forest smells and laughter.

This holiday weekend will be the last time we are able to go to the cabin. I imagine it will be a long time before we are close enough to take advantage of the cabin once we move to Florida. I am sad to leave this behind, but happy that this special place is with my boys forever.

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Anonymous said...

Why could you not "make this memory" while being a working parent?