03 June, 2008


Hubbie drove up the driveway on Sunday evening. It was so nice to see his face and give him a big hug. We unloaded the truck and then went over to my parents' house, where the boys were staying. They ran into his arms and hubbie wept! Just like he did when we were married 8 years ago yesterday. It was a nice moment to see the three of them embrace.

Yesterday we had a large family meal with my extended family. The food was tasty and the company pleasant. When we left, it was hard to say goodbye. Because of choices hubbie and I have made, many lives will be forever changed. This isn't only happening to hubbie, the boys and me, but to all of the extended family. They will no longer see those little faces and big smiles. The next time I see my relatives, they will be older, weathered if you will and that will be sad for me. You tend to see the aging process more when you are away for longer periods of time.

But we move forward and do what is necessary for our children and family.

More when after the long drive down to sunny, hot, did I mention HOT, Florida!

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Ally said...

Yay! Welcome home.