29 June, 2008

Finally found a place to hang our hat!

Well, it has been decided, we are taking the plunge and renting a small 2 bedroom on the Island Paradise called Key Biscayne. This decision pleases hubbie, as it reduces his commute time to a 5 min. bicycle ride. I am trying to be happy about it seeing all the positives. However, the fact we are going to live on an island jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean has me a little worried.

When we lived in New Orleans, I was very aware of the potential hurricane dangers. Luckily we moved out of the area before Katrina hit and I stopped commuting to NOLA. Most people I knew thought I was being ridiculous for fearing the potential threat of hurricanes, but now the aftermath of Katrina demonstrates, I had every right to be fearful.

I have made certain we are not living on the ground floor and that our unit faces away from the ocean or bay. We actually have a horrible view of the next building and parking lot, but I am so happy about it. There are supposed to be hurricane shutters on the windows which will hopefully be on before we take over the unit. Of course I will be prepared with plenty of water and food to keep my fears at bay.

The boys will love living here, which keeps my spirits up. Every day we have a choice of beach, pool, park or bike ride. We will enjoy living on a secluded, secure island that is very family friendly and peaceful. I will say my prayers each night and ask for Neptune to calm the waters, take a break if you will until we are able to relocate once again. I have 2 hurricane seasons to make it through. God willing, we will make it and our "stuff".

So for now, I remind myself this is a dream for so many and I should enjoy it. Trying very hard to assuage my fears and enjoy this part of my life.


Sarah said...

Don't forget to live your life to the fullest, even though danger lurks. The Universe will provide for you. CONGRATULATIONS dear friend!!

Ally said...

So glad you've found a home. I checked out the website and it looks like a nice little community, and yay for a short commute!! Congrats!