09 June, 2008

Sunny Florida

Here I am in Sunny Florida, residing at the Ritz Carlton located on Key Biscayne. Basically, I am in paradise, the photos you see of private beaches, grand hotel lobbies, servers bringing you tropical drinks poolside....

We arrived after a 1300 mile drive from Ohio. The drive took us 2 days, as we had 2 cars to bring down with us. We stopped for a night in Savannah, GA. Which just happened to be Hubbie's and my first vacation together.

The weather is pleasant, warm and breezy. The breezy part being key as it keeps the air moving and smelling constantly of salty sea air. What a nice contrast to the yucky stagnant smell of NOLA. It was hot there, but no breeze.

Tomorrow I start my search for a new home. I have made phone calls today to clarify my needs to a Realtor. The weekend, hubbie and I drove around the surrounding areas, trying to get a better idea of what was possible. I have confidence is the realtor. She is my 6th one, and finally was speaking my language in terms of what I was looking for as a mother.

Posts will be sporadic, as I need to use the business center during their hours of operation. But I must say, everyone should experience living in residence at a Ritz Carlton for over 2 weeks. We will be here for 30-45 days. I plan on bringing the boys once our belongings are moved into the new home. Before we check out and move in, I want to let the boys experience the wonder their daddy works for. It is a nice company and they do take care of their valued employees.

We are starting to relax, even though the road ahead is still uncertain.

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Ally said...

Glad you are there and starting to look for your home.

I love the florida breeze. Mmmmm...