17 July, 2008

Finally, I get my boys back!

It has been exactly 6 weeks today, since I last saw my two little boys. They were packed in my in-laws car on their way to New York, until I was able to settle things in Florida. Finally,I have settled things in Florida and tomorrow morning I fly to NYC to see my angel faces.

I have missed them something awful! I have never been without them for more than a week. These past 6 weeks have really been difficult on me. There were times I didn't feel as if I was a mother. It seemed as though I lost my perspective on my life.

I have been living in a hotel for 6 weeks. My surroundings were not of my choosing, the decor, food, TV selection etc. I hardly see my hubbie, as he leaves at 6:30 am and usually isn't done with work until 9 pm. If he has a day off it is only one a week.

My mind drifted to when I was single and exploring the world. I had a slew of memories drift up from the past and so many moments I had to tell myself about my life. It feels as if this has been one long dream and I am just about to wake up.

I tell you what... I am going to hold onto those little guys for a long time, whether they like it or not! I have warned them that I am going to give them millioni bacioni, a million kisses! When I see them it will hit me hard, on how much I have missed. (Like the big one's birthday, 4th of July, fireworks, riding a two wheeler with no helping wheels, tying ones shoes, reading 6 books of 50 pages or more, winning first place in the field game days with a huge trophey, boogie boarding for real.... I have missed a lot)!

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Ally said...

Yeah! Glad for you. Miss you guys like crazy already. We'll get down there some time this fall/winter, no matter what.