02 August, 2008

Mac -n- Cheese

I did it! I finally cooked lunch for the first time since...June 4th! Living in the hotel for 7 weeks, did have its perks, but it also left me wanting to cook my own food. Today, for lunch, we ate macaroni and cheese. The boys were thrilled and for a kick I served a side of fresh tomatoes. Fancy!?

As we sat and ate, it was nice knowing I did it, I finally was able to get to a place of normalcy. This is what I am striving for, normalcy in our daily lives. Hopefully one more week of sorting, organizing, unpacking and it will be all done. Then onto better things like Homeschooling!

Life never stops, does it? When one thing is over, another begins. But I am thankful for the direction, the course of action and the opportunity to do it all with my children as we go through life together. We are making memories and living our lives on our terms, for the most part.

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