06 August, 2008

One Box at a Time

The boxes are dwindling down...it seems the cardboard is starting to disappear. The only boxes that really need to be dealt with are those waiting for the bookcase, on order, and the boxes that need to be sorted through for the storage closet.

I have cleaned, sorted and organized all the other items in this little space. Tonight, my cousin arrives from Cleveland. He is buying our truck and will drive it back this weekend. I wanted the house to be somewhat organized so we weren't tripping over ourselves.

Tomorrow, we will play and visit South Beach, grab lunch and relax. The boys and I deserve to take a break and enjoy life. Friday the bookcase arrives and we will deal with the last 15 boxes then.

Oh I forgot the artwork needs to be hung, but truly that is the final task. Like I said, one box at a time.

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