27 August, 2008

Mother's Work

What is mother's work? Is it the washing of clothes, making of food, cleaning of living space, monitoring TV time and content, wiping of tears, setting limits, keeping the peace between siblings, keeping daddy in line, paying the bills, stocking the cupboards etc.? Well I feel like I have been doing it all and then some. Today alone, I managed the park, bike ride, post office, homeschool developed curriculum, 3 hours of lessons both 1st grade and preschool, then I had the lovely privilege of typing up all of my husbands recipes. I have been helping him out with his work projects, critical path, menus, recipes etc.

It is never done the work of a woman. I am so proud of how far we have come in that we have more ability to choose what we want for our lives, our family's and so forth. What a thrill to see Hillary Clinton last night talk and inspire the vote. She came so close. What will be next for her?

I guess mother's work is keeping it together. We are the glue that connects all the pieces.

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