28 August, 2008

Proud to be an American!

Words I thought I would never say. I watched the Democratic National Convention for the past 4 days. As I would have loved Hillary to take the podium tonight, I must admit, I am so pleased with Obama as our Candidate.

Hearing the words, the endorsements, the analysts, I just thought, "WOW, this is really happening. A black man is going to take the ticket to the final vote. We as a country did this, we made this happen, we are coming together to create change!"

Tears were in my eyes, so many people, their faces transfixed on this man, a man who is promising hope, dreams and change. This country needs to improve and yes, we will bring "Change to Washington".

For the first time ever, I can honestly say "I am proud to be an American". It was clear on why I was never proud before, because in my lifetime, I never felt the grassroots movements make it to the hill. Tonight, I see the people going to the hill and the hill being forever changed.


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