21 August, 2008

Sweet Tooth

In the midst of unpacking, organizing, finding storage space saving solutions... I made 3 batches of ice cream. First batch never cured properly, and after feeling sick about all the expensive ingredients I just wasted, I made certain the next two were correct.

2nd batch was my version of Mexican Mocha. Yummy and I added nuts to the second container at the end, which worked out very well. 3rd batch was for hubbie. He loves Salty Caramel, so I decided I would try my hand at it. But I added Marscapone Cheese in substitute for some of the cream. Buonissimo! Truly this worked out well. The boys are happy to help me create the ice cold creamy treats.

Of course I took no pics to entice your taste buds. I have to get better at taking pictures for the posting. But Hey I Just MOVED!


1 comment:

Ally said...

I am glad you could recreate salty caramel for hubby!

How are you guys doing? I read about Flo this morning but didn't get a chance to look at a map to see how affected you are.