29 August, 2008

Woman Rising to the Top

The GOP announcement makes me proud to be a woman. Sarah Palin is chose as the GOP VP Nominee. I am excited to see that woman are reaching the top of our countries political contest. I just wish it was Hillary with the Democrats, still, I know.

However, I also see the sneakiness of the republicans to deliberately take away women voters with their choice. It is obvious why they made the choice they made. It does beg the following question...? "Is their opinion of women voters so low, that they think we are easily manipulated? By putting a woman on their ticket, it will blind us to the fast they do not support many of the issues near and dear to a woman's heart"? Talk about insulting our intelligence!

WOMEN, I say to you, "Vote for the party that has our values in mind, our families protected, our gender respected, our wages equalized, our children's education improved and our morals at heart". We all know this has been traditionally a Democratic view.

We shall see just how well the women of this country stand their moral ground. We are smarter than people perceive us and we are stronger than given credit for. Again, I say look at the example of Hillary Clinton. She is a strong woman, intelligent, mindful and full of passion, commitment and ideals.

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