01 September, 2008

These are a few of my Favorite Things...

Not only do I love the movie "Sound of Music", but I do have a few of my favorite things. Of course the three boys are at the top of my list, but here are a few more that made me happy.

A painting from my Godmother and Aunt. She is a talented artist, that has lost her inner muse. I was able to spark the creation of this Angel, I feel blessed.

This is a tooth fairy pillow. I hope to make one for V. I just think it is great!

Demitri a Guardian Angel from New Orleans. My husband actually listened to me one day while out shopping. He later gifted it to me months later!
A flea market find, this was an old wooden lamp post. I had visions of this item in many different carnations. However, for the time being it is a creative guide post. Sparking new life with the Butterflies. (It still has the price tag on it; I think I will keep that feature. Don't know why, it just makes me happy!)

Elvis Bust. Hmmm, well I am a fan and I do love "Busts". So when I saw this over 15 years ago, it made sense. I still love it.

My lady... thanks, allyo!

A Berry Bowl. Not thrilled about the style of it, but the idea of it is something I am very keen on.

Okay, not the actual CD holder, but the fact that I alphabetized the entire collection, by category! It is this kind of behavior that gives me extreme satisfaction.

A little red school desk. I purchased this in New Orleans before I had my first son. I saw it at a salvage yard with a dear Friend. My father made it look like new, but it is a piece of NOLA that I will have where my son was born.

More organized shelves... hee hee

Feet, I love the boys' feet. I have no idea why, but they just tickle me when I see them.

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