14 November, 2008

Overwhelming Inspiration!

Each and every time I click on a link to another blog, I am astounded by the creativity, thoughtfulness and vitality of the blogger/composer. At every link there is another amazing woman, another amazing mother, another amazing earth healer, another amazing "creative"... The blogs don't stop and they take me all over the world!

I have been sharing with my friends this discovery and urging them to take some time to just take a peak, gain insight, follow one or two on a weekly basis and let the nurturing begin.

Unfortunately, I hear, I don't have time, I am too busy, I work full time, I have other things to do. I understand we all have things to do in our lives, even those of us who don't work full time. Each demand is precious. But I also know a little something about prioritizing and realigning a seemingly busy schedule.

For example: I am blown away by a dear friend who works full time, runs a major grants program of a state, enjoys several crafty hobbies, mothers a sweet little guy, cares for a zoo in her house, has several after work commitments, actively works on her marriage, is the bread winner in her home and still manages an online life that leaves me in the dust! Where she finds the time to accomplish her daily life? Honestly, I don't know. But it is apparent she has found a need to prioritize her activities in such a way to accomplish each and every aspect of her life like a woven tapestry. Each thread is important and has a time to be used, woven in if you will. She has always been a major influence in my life as she brings much to think about and lots to love.

So the point? Each and every one of us has the time to look around online, read a bit here and there. Each one of us can learn a new thing or two, gain a new friend, share a comment, find a solution. It all boils down to prioritizing, refocusing our energy and time management.

Now that I have said my peace, just take a look around on the blogs I have selected on the side bar. Each one of them will have links to other blogs and then the world starts to open up like a magic ball! There is so much to view, so much to read and it overwhelms me with emotion and excitement!

The common thought I have with each and every blog.. is how graced I am to be part of a group of women that believe so strongly in raising the world with compassion. We are all earth healers, taking one step after the next for a better life. You see it in each embroidered stitch, each flea market find, each recipe for a home cooked meal, each budget tip to reuse shopping bags or make your own, each parenting solution that worked for them, each trauma they reveal for inner healing, each kind word they say about another in an effort to make the world a gentler place.

You see, it is the small actions among us that accumulate which make the impact. One day at a time, one kind word, one small step, one change of a habit, one blog, yes one by one we are healing Mother Earth.

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