20 January, 2009

Family Ties

This past weekend we celebrated a woman who lives for Tradition and her Italian Culture. There were so many reasons to be excited, but due to the family entanglements and differences of opinion, the mood was hard to find. I don't understand why families have to be so difficult! We were all raised in a similar vein and should know the expectations of our elders.

It is also hard to be around extended family members who were raised without the traditions. I found myself in a spat with a 3rd cousin 15 years younger than me. I didn't even know I was participating until just recently. Now with this knowledge it is bothering me on what my next course of action should be. I don't have much patience for disrespect or talking out of turn. I also have an extremely hard time relating to people who have NO, I MEAN ZERO direction! This girl is 19, no GED, fired from a dish washing job of 3 weeks and loves telling other people how to do things talking from some sort of authority, I can not figure out where in the world she thinks she got it from!

UGH UGH Ugh, is all I have to say at this point. A joyous occasion with a beginning and end of frustration and disgust. Why do we do this as humans? Is it lack of emotional education, low self esteem, fragmentation of family, lack of discipline for traditions, the softening of modern parenting? I just don't get it and I refuse to raise derelicts for tomorrow.

I pray every night to Saint Nicholas, the Protector of Children, that I raise 2 gentlemen for tomorrow. I also pray for the direction that I may provide my boys a sense of self worth, self esteem and grace to know when and how to use their beautiful voice. The chosen word is has power when delivered with insight and mindfulness. May I too be blessed with the grace to use my words carefully as I move forward.

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