16 January, 2009

From the Beach to the Tundra!

This past Tuesday, the boys and I went to the Beach. I sat, they played on the sand and in the water. Wednesday, we boarded 2 planes to finally arrive in Cleveland, Ohio for the next couple of weeks. The weather here has been everything we hoped for, cold so we are able to wear our sweaters, socks and mittens and snowy so we are able to make snowmen and snow angels. As the weather has been bitter cold, we have not gone outside yet, but plan on some play time tomorrow. It will be 22 degrees instead of 4.

We are here for my grandma's 80th birthday celebration. It will be nice to spend time with family, look back on a life worth celebrating and make memories along the way.

As the weather may be cold where you are, just think of the beauty of crunchy snow, snuggled warm under the blankets and the quiet that exits in winter... we are LOVING IT!

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