06 February, 2009

Knitting Meditation

Okay, I have this desire to knit, really knit and feel it grooving between my fingers and needles. There is a picture on my vision board of yarn and needles, so it should manifest this year.

So far, I have just spent time knitting and purling... then of course ripping it out and starting over. Within the last month, I hit the groove.... aaaaahhhhhh the feel of the yarn between my fingers and the bamboo needles.... I get it now! I finally understand the difference between crochet and knit. I also get why there is this craze!

I do have some projects I would like to tackle. But for now, I am just excited to practice and let my fingers work the needles. It is my new form of meditation and it relaxes me. What a gift I gave myself this year! Thank you dear friend for bring yarn work back into my life after all these years!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Excellent excellent! Looks really good, hope you stick with it!